Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sunshine Award

Sunshine Award.  Better late then never, right?  Thanks to Equine Snob and Kelly at PrincessDiva Diaries for nominating me.

I'm skipping the part where you nominate other folks because I'm pretty sure it's already made the rounds.

1. Mares or Geldings?

I've always owned mares.  I've enjoyed the deep bond that you get with a mare.  When you get it right, a mare will turn herself inside out for you.  Now I'm on the gelding team though and I'm enjoying his steadiness and his ability to forgive mistakes.  Looks like I play for both teams on this one.

2. English or Western?

I currently ride English and it's what I'm most familiar with.  But I've also ridden some Western and really enjoyed it.  I'd love to do some reining events and some cow events.  I'd also love to go on a dude ranch vacation!  So, yeah.  Again, I choose both.

3. Do you prefer younger or older horses?

I like them right in the middle, but probably more on the older side.  I really appreciate Licorice's tolerance and his ability to retain information.  He's not prone to testing boundaries the way a young horse is.

4. Have you trained a horse from ground zero?

No.  All of my horses had basics when I got them.

5. Do you prefer riding or groundwork?

Obviously I don't have huge preferences in my horsey life, because this is another one where it depends.  If you are really, really working on groundwork it can be super satisfying and carries over into the riding work.  There's also something to be said for working up a sweat on horseback or flying around the arena on your horse, the wind on your face and a big grin from ear to ear.

6. Do you board your horse or keep him at home?

I board.  I bought a house once with a little barn and pastures and brought my horse home.  The year that I lived there I only rode a handful of times.  I was too busy mending fences, picking out pastures, cleaning stalls and water buckets and other chores to actually ride.  Also, where I live it rains and gets muddy for a good chunk of the year.  You need an arena with decent footing if you want to ride year round.  And that would require more maintenance and more money.  Plus, I like the social aspect of boarding.

7.  Do you use all natural products or commercial?

I use commercial natural products and some chemical products.  Mostly I want stuff that works that isn't going to give anybody cancer.  

8. All tacked up or bareback?

All tacked up.  But bareback is on my bucket list with Licorice.  I want to get to know him a bit more before I try.  

9. Equestrian role model?

Younger girls and their horses.  They ride without fear, without worry.  They dress their ponies up.  They ride backwards and bareback and sometimes get bucked off for riding bareback and backwards.  They laugh, dust themselves off and get back on.  They play games.  They go on trail rides.  And they can kick my ass in the dressage ring, but still find plenty of time to just mess around with their horses.

10. What's your one main goal while being in the horse world?

To keep enjoying my horse and to get to a point where it's not a question of being scared.  I'd like to just be excited to ride, without the extra edge of fear.  

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