Saturday, November 9, 2013

Shortest Ride Ever

Yesterday there was sunshine.  In this area, sunshine does not come around much from the months of November through May.  So when it does, you do what you can to get outside and soak it up. 

My daughter had stayed home sick from school, so my husband came home early to help take care of her so I could get some work done.  But when I saw that glorious bright light, I opted to ditch work and head out to the barn instead.

I got there as the light was starting to fade, so I decided to ride in the arena.  Despite having four days off, Licorice looked half asleep in the cross ties.  I got him tacked him up and was getting ready to head into the arena when my trainer reminded me that he had his teeth done that morning (and a sheath cleaning while he was drugged up)

"Will he be okay to ride?" 

"He looks alright, but pay attention.  It's been a while so he should be fine."

I got on and we walked around the arena.  We tried two steps of trot.  He stumbled both steps.  I patted his neck and got off.

Back in the cross ties, I could see signs of being a little out of it.  His front legs were a little wider than normal.  He was resting a back leg so hard that his fetlock was practically touching the ground.  He got lots of praise and put back in his stall to sleep it off.

It's only been 30 days, and this was a good reminder that we only barely know each other.  I still absolutely love him, but I need to pay closer attention so I have a baseline of normal.

In other news, look at his gorgeous new saddle pad!  I love, love, love this color on him.  I bought the pad from Tack of the Day and am a little disappointed in how thin it is.  It wrinkles up super easy.  But the color is perfect.

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  1. Yeah, they can be pretty groggy for a while - individual horses have widely varying reactions.