Sunday, October 30, 2011

Reason #568

Reason #568 why I love my husband. 

We had our anniversary weekend this weekend where we go on a weekend getaway to the ocean for some relaxation and romance.  I found out right before we left, that every year Buck Brannaman comes into town and hosts a weekend clinic this weekend.  Obviously it was too late to go to the clinic, but maybe I thought maybe next year I would go and audit.  So I mention to my husband that we might need to change our anniversary weekend so I can audit a Buck clinic next year and he responds "How about we just have you ride in a Buck clinic for next year's anniversary weekend?"

Sigh.  He's so great.  He also went with me to see Buck in the movie theatre on one of our date nights.  He's a keeper for sure. 


  1. Sounds like he's definitely a keeper. :-) Congratulations on your anniversary.

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