Tuesday, May 19, 2015

What what?

I'm a terrible blogger right now.  But, can you blame me?  I've been dealing with this.

Hives.  All over his body.  Over and over and over again.
I couldn't get the hives to go away, so we decided to try a pasture on higher ground.  Licorice's other barns were on hills and his new pasture was pretty marsh-y, so we moved him up the hill.  This is one of his new pasture buddies.  This horse is a big dog and just wants love.

When that didn't work, we went to the full armor again.  I finally found a fly sheet that can also be a rain sheet.  Yeah!  Perfect for spring.  So, after spending my $150 on it, it's been only hot and sunny and too warm for this.  Sigh.  Of course.
 Full armor + new pasture mostly did the trick!  So then there was this!  A saddle!!!!  Hurrah!!!
So handsome.
Which then led to this!  RIDING!!!!

 We have just started a 30 day training program with a trainer that I really like.  I'm hoping to get us back on track and go from there.  If someone comes along and thinks Licorice is their perfect horse, I am open to that conversation, but I'm not going to actively market him.  Instead, I'll put some more training on him and on me and get us out.  This summer is going to be awesome.  So spoke, so mote it be.


  1. Oh jeez, poor Licorice! And poor you! I'm sure you're happy to have some saddle time again!

  2. Poor fellow! Glad things are improving a bit. Your plan of working with a trainer is a good one and will make a big difference to both of you.

  3. Our TB used to get hives - we put him on HistALLH made by Animed. Not sure what meds you have tried :)