Thursday, November 7, 2013

Best Intentions

This morning started off super stormy, with a crazy squall blowing through with high winds and sideways rain.  Though I was dressed for the barn, I decided to wait and see what the weather did.

It did finally stop raining and the wind settled into a breezy day, but not a crazy windy day so I geared up and headed out to the barn.  Only to find the barn completely dark and quiet.  A horse was turned out in the arena and all the lights were off.  The horses that were in stalls were all taking their mid-morning nap.

My pony was outside.  I contemplated bringing him in and riding him, especially since I haven't ridden since Monday.  But without a soul around, I just didn't feel comfortable.  I also didn't know the horse in the arena, so I wasn't sure where I would put him so that I could ride.

I ended up going out and giving my horse a carrot and some scritches.  He was turned out with his new buddy, Fallon.  At one point, Fallon kept trying to get in my space and despite my waving my arms at him, he wouldn't back off.  He would put his ears back and move his head to the side, but wouldn't get out of my space.  I was starting to get nervous.

Until Licorice stepped in and told him what for with a quick bite to the neck.  I know, Licorice probably wasn't protecting me, but it felt nice anyway.  Fallon immediately backed off and every time after that when Fallon would come to close to me, Licorice would shoo him away with pinned ears and a wrinkled muzzle.

I stood outside the gate for a few minutes to say goodbye and managed to get a few pictures of the two of them.  Fallon loves Licorice and wants to do whatever he's doing, including drinking water at the same time.

I'm sad to see the mud back so quickly.  It's only early November, but we've had some major downpours of rain.  This is the mud before it gets bad.  Welcome to horsekeeping on small acreage in the Northwest.  Mud, mud and more mud.  I know some places do gravel turnouts, which does keep down on the mud.  But then in the summer, there's just gravel.  We at least will have some grass in the summer.  Oh summer.  Why are you 9 months away?

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