Friday, October 18, 2013

It Keeps Getting Better

Oh Licorice.  Sigh.  Swoon.  Flutter.

He's just such a good horse.  Every ride, he tries his hardest.  We're still pretty discombobulated in our arena work and we've decided to hold off on more training until he gets his teeth done.  I'm hoping to have that done in the next few weeks.

In the arena, Licorice is very strung out.  His back end actually slides out from underneath him or he'll trip.  I was told to push him forward and shorten my reins.  I have tendency to let the reins slide through my fingers and to ride on a rein that is ridiculously long.  Still, any exercises you guys would recommend for helping a horse use his hind end and back better would be appreciated.

On the trail, Licorice is perfect.  With a capital P.  Okay, we didn't actually ride on 'trails' this time, but we went down the driveway.  Licorice stood while I opened the gate from his back.  He walked down the driveway without batting an eyelash.  At the end of the driveway, we did a short loop through some houses with flags fluttering in the wind.  Licorice enjoyed looking at them.  We turned and went up the road.  Licorice took note of the horse in the pasture ahead of us, but that was it.  He just kept walking.

Turned and headed back to the barn.  Same walk.  No slower.  No faster.  Just interested in being outside.

Suddenly a whole new world is open to me.  I feel like we can go places, try new things.  Like riding at the ocean, going to a show, exploring the neighborhood.

Me, my majestic pony, and the trash can.

In other pony news, I have worked out something for Tessa.  The family that has her LOVES her, but we all agree that she needs more exposure.  They are putting money down and taking her on a six month lease.  For three of those months, she will be getting full time training and exposure with my trainer's daughter (who is a trainer in a different area of our state).  After six months, they will have the option to buy her at an agreed upon price.  Even if she comes back to me, she will have had so much more exposure that she will be way ahead of the game.  Either way, it's a winning situation.  Tessa loves their little boy so much and they love her, so I'm really hoping it will work out for all of them!


  1. Sounds like a great plan for Tessa! I am thrilled that you have found exactly the horse you wanted and are able to look forward to rides outside and off the property. Maybe a show or two?

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  3. Yay!! So happy it's working out! Fingers crossed with Tessa's new family.

    Licorice is so shiny and handsome!

  4. I am beyond happy for you! It sounds like things are working out famously, and Licorice seems like a brilliant boy.

  5. Yay!! Sounds like everything is working out so well!

  6. Look at you standing with a loose rein on your horse next to a garbage bin!! Yay!
    And what a good idea for Tessa - win-win indeed.

  7. Like your new boy a lot - he's a steady eddy and the arena work will come along. Lots of transitions and turns will help him learn to balance and carry himself, and you'll be wanting to do that a lot at the walk first, then the trot, before you ask him to work on canter in the arena.

    Sounds like a really good plan for Tessa - that's one less thing for you to worry about.

  8. Super fantastic all the way around!

  9. I second Kate. Help him build his muscle and balance in the arena before you try "putting him together." It's harder work for them than we think it is. Lots of walk and trot work before you canter. Canter on the trails to help him build muscle, which in turn, will help him become more balanced in the arena. If he's going long and low (reaching for the bit and seeking contact), encourage it with some contact, but not strong contact: ie don't crank and spank! You may also want to consider a chiropractor visit for the tripping/losing his hind end issue.

  10. Wow he is gorgeous. :)