Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I Give Up

I can still easily search for my name and Tessa's name and this blog comes up.  So screw it.  The right person for Tessa will love her for the horse she is now and how she is with them.  If this blog scares them, they are probably not the right owner for my silly pony.  I am just too technically challenged to spend more time worrying about this.  :)

So......back in the real world, stuff has been happening.

Tessa leaves tomorrow for a two week trial with a family that has a 9 year old son in pony club.  The little boy LOVED Tessa, who was on her very best behavior.  He was so small that his feet barely cleared the saddle, but Tessa packed him around at walk, trot, canter and even popped over a crossrail a couple of times.  He had to stand on a stool to brush her and Tessa just stood there like a rock.  It was amazing.  I think Tessa is one of those horses who is just super intuitive and good with kids.  I guess we'll find out while she's on trial.  I am calling to get insurance set up for her this morning so that we are covered, just in case.

I went out last night and gave Tessa kisses and carrots and scratches.  I really hope that this family works out and that she finds a home that will give her the kind of attention she wants.  She would get to do lots of different things since she would be in Pony Club, so she wouldn't be nearly as bored as she is going around in circles.

Fingers crossed.  Prayers sent up.


  1. Mona, I don't know how I came across your blog but I have a similar story. I returned to riding after 25 years and I currently lease an Arabian gelding. He is used as a lesson horse with a couple of kids and he does really well with them. He spooked with me on our 4th ride and it really scared me. We do pretty well but still have some super bad rides which has shaken my confidence. What I am trying to say is it's just sometimes a bad fit and there is nothing to be done about it. I am giving up my lease and looking for a better fit for me. Best of luck to you!