Friday, November 16, 2012

Shouldering the Load

I've had a nagging, shooting pain in my right shoulder for about three months.  It makes it hard to lift things over my head and gets pretty aggravated when I ride.  Especially since Tessa and I are working on steady contact, which is quite a bit heavier than I thought.  So I've been seeing my chiropractor and he recommended I go to physical therapy.

The first thing my PT said was "No riding for two weeks."  I fired her.  Ha!  Okay, I didn't.  In fact, I did the responsible grown up thing and cancelled my lessons for two weeks.  Tessa will be getting some training rides and some time off while my shoulder heals up.  Better to take a few weeks off than have some awful permanent injury.  It's disappointing since I feel like we've been making such stellar progress.  I'm going to focus on getting things cleaned up at home.  We're hosting Thanksgiving at our house so I have lots to do until then learning how to actually cook.

On a good pony news, the breeches I like (and can afford) Grand Prix Lexington Full Seats were on sale on Tack of the Day!  I bought two pairs with my husband's urging.  For some reason I'm always putting off buying new breeches.  I've worn the same pair of breeches for two years and I ride 3-5 days a week!  Crazy!!!  So he pointed out that buying two pairs should last me another five years or so.  It's a good investment.  At $40 off each pair, it was definitely worth it.

I'm going out to the barn on Sunday to check in on the pony and have a friend ride her.  I'm hoping it will be warm enough to wash her tail out and maybe not raining so we can go down the driveway a bit.  I won't be going out much regularly while my shoulder heals though, because pretty much everything you do with horses aggravates it.  Lift up to put on halter.  Ow.  Brushing.  Ow.  Lifting saddle up.  Ow.  But feeding carrots doesn't hurt anything and even if I only visit her once or twice, I can at least kiss her sweet, soft nose and give her a carrot or two.

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  1. Sounds like a rotator cuff injury. I tore mine (I was walking one way and the horse I was leading bolted the other way) a few years ago and it still gives me grief. Probably because I didn't stop riding or anything horse related to let it heal correctly.

    Kudos for you to trying!