Friday, November 2, 2012

Bit O Honey

Does anyone remember the candy Bit O Honey?  It was one of my favorite candies.  It resembled a small rock when you put it in your mouth and required fierce chewing skills.  Most of the time this meant chewing with your mouth wide open for a solid ten minutes.  Yes, that was back when you had to WORK for that candy!

Tessa has been chewing her bit a lot.  Clinking and clanking and chewing.  She's currently being ridden in an 0-ring snaffle of medium to thick thickness.  It's not fancy, just a regular snaffle.  My trainer wanted me to switch to a KK Ultra, which she went well in, but I couldn't find one with small enough rings.  I love the extra link in the middle and I think Tessa would too, but the one I ordered from Dover (and then had to return and PAY to return it, I won't make that mistake again) had HUGE rings.  Tessa wears a size 5 but she needs petite rings.  I'm going to look at Bradoons since I think those are the same thing but with smaller rings.

Any thoughts?  Bits with smaller rings?  Story - You have a petite Arab.  Where do you get your bits at?

And on another note of Go Me, I rode outside again.  For longer.  This weekend I may even go out the gate and down the driveway.  Also, first jump lesson scheduled for Tuesday.  I'm hoping I can find someone to take some pictures.


  1. I have a KK with very small rings... I don't think it's a bradoon, but since I bought it used, I have no idea what it is exactly. I'd call SmartPak and see if they can point you in the right direction... their customer service is great! Also, I think they have free return shipping if you aren't satisfied :)

  2. I have no idea re: bits, sorry, but wanted to say I just read your PC idea and I love it.

  3. ha ha I'm contemplating leaving the gate this weekend too...SOLO! :)

  4. I have this bit and have been happy with it. Joy needs a 4.5 and this one has fairly small rings, a dressage trainer I rode with preferred the french link for Arabians because of the way (many of them) their mouth was shaped, dunno if it is true.