Monday, July 30, 2012

My Two Favorite Girls

One was born on May 20th, 2006 - the other was born on May 2, 2006.  One has dark chestnut hair with blonde highlights - the other has grey and white hair with red highlights (and sometimes yellow and green in there as well).  They both have impossibly long eyelashes.  They both are good at pouting.  They are both strong willed.  They are both entertaining and sensitive and sweet.

My ride on Sunday was perfect.  Tessa was forward and balanced and light.  Our turns were gorgeous, our leg yields sometimes actually looked like leg yields.  Canter departs were crisp and balanced.  The whole ride was fantastic.

But my favorite part was after my ride, where I put Favorite Girl #1 up on Favorite Girl #2.  And my pony was super.   My child squeezed with her leg and attempted a clicking noise (it sounded more like a weird duck).  Tessa ambled off into a slow walk.  I stayed at Tessa's head and my husband stayed next to the saddle just in case, but Tessa was an old pro.  She patiently walked in circles while my kidlet did arm circles, toe touches, airplane wings and leg circles.

My child is not the bravest of children.  Growing up with me has rubbed off on her and she is cautious.  She was never reckless while riding, but watching her timidly take first one hand off the saddle and then the other and then put them in the air was nothing short of amazing.  Her smile went from shaky, to solid, to ear splitting.  I am so proud of both my girls.

My husband went to the tack store with me and ended up picking out gloves for her too.  If I've learned one thing about being married to a non-horse person, it's to NEVER say no when they suggest buying something horsey.  Even if it's not necessary....hence the hot pink gloves for the kidlet.

Her eyes might have been closed, but she was still talking about how amazing her ride was.

Doing the victory dance with the pony.


  1. How cute is that! I think Tessa is just testing you, she really wants to be your daughters horse ;)

  2. That is so cute omg! I love her riding ensemble!

  3. Isn't is amazing how those 'wild' ponies can act like a dead broke horse for a child? Never ceases to amaze me...they are way more intelligent than we ever give them credit for :)