Saturday, July 7, 2012

How To Defy Your Doctor

No walking for two weeks, minimum.  Okay.  Use crutches and keep your foot elevated.  Okay.  I'm doing that.  But I'm also riding.  Because feet in the stirrups aren't the same as feet on the ground.  And if that fails, I'll drop my stirrups.  Even my husband agreed that I needed to get back out to the barn.  My mental state is just so much better when I do.

And guess what I did today?  Jumped!!  Me!  And the pony!  We even did a little three jump course.  It was awesome and amazing.  As it turns out, my form over jumps is way better than my dressage form.  Even though Tessa cleared a six inch cross rail like it was four feet (overjump much, pony?), I stayed in the saddle.  I just wish I had pictures.

Both of us enjoyed ourselves immensely.  I am braver than I think and so is my pony.  Next time I promise I will figure out a way to get pictures.

I would write more but my office is hot since summer arrived in Seattle and the temperature was actually in the high 70's instead of the usual mid 50's.  And since I used up all my energy in my jumping lesson (another thing I forgot was how exhausting it is.  This is especially true if you try to hold your breath and jump.  This was remedied by singing while I jumped, but that is also exhausting.) I'm ready to go put my foot up and enjoy a celebratory glass of chilled white wine.


  1. Yeah for jumping! So thrilled for you! My daughter's former trainer suggested the singing a song while jumping also - must be something to it :)

  2. .. and pony? Is she happier with the added gymnastics?

  3. Jeni- The pony is much happier. So much happier that I'm considering what my next move is. I'll be writing a post about that this week I'm sure....

  4. Congrats on the jumping! Hope you can ditch those crutches soon. :-)