Monday, April 23, 2012

Two Bits and a Haircut

The deed is done.  The pony has a short mane now.  I'm not going to say I like it yet, but it is much easier to deal with.  I am crazy backed up with work and life and everything so this blog will be more bullet points to catch everyone up.

- Pony is doing great in training.  I heard she went forward with no bucking.  She's learning that she can move off your leg without trauma.  I only rode on Saturday after my group lesson so I haven't had much time to enjoy this.  She's still sticky with me, but I think I've figure out why.  See next bullet point.

- I need to write a whole post about my first lesson with Beth Glosten, an MD turned Pilates instructor who does Pilates for riders AND on horseback if you want.  If only I had a horse trailer!!!!  She wrote this book:

Currently her website is down or I would send you there.  We talked about my separated abs and I'm working on those.  She pointed out that my horse would have a hard time going forward if I wasn't able to use my core because I would grip with my legs to stay on.  So even when I'm asking for forward, I'm probably blocking that motion with my legs.  Right now we're working on body awareness which is challenging for me.  I'm much better at just doing really hard, powerful exercises than I am laying on the floor seeing if I can tighten my inner abs.  I also found out that my pelvis tilts the wrong way when I think I'm straight.  Try this.  Stand with a mirror to the side of you.  Don't look, but stand up straight.  Once you have what you think is straight, check yourself out.  My 'straight' turned out to be sticking my butt out behind me, pulling my shoulders back and sticking my chest out.  Not pretty and definitely not straight.  So now I constantly work on pulling my pelvis in (without tightening my glutes all the times) and pushing my ribcage down.  It's tough work to relearn straight.

- Pony is still on no turnout but her leg is much, much, much better.  She will now be living in a stall and put in regular turnout rotation.  This means she will get to go outside with a buddy every other day.  I'm sad that she wont' be outside all the time and that my bill will be higher, but she is so much happier this way.

-I have another saddle sore from trying to ride dressage in a jump saddle.  I have yet to find another dressage saddle to use until mine comes in July, but we're still looking.

-I chickened out on having the lovely blue piping on my saddle and asked them to make it solid black.  Wanna know why?  I couldn't stand the idea of not color coordinating everything and I didn't want to have to go buy blue stuff.  Also, if I ever got another horse, what if blue didn't look good on them?  So, plain black it is and I'll leave the bling up to my bridle and pads and other smaller items.

-I haven't ridden very much and the weather has been gorgeous.  But the arena is closed while they fix the footing.  I probably won't get to ride until Thursday this week.  Ugh.

-It's been fun watching the Eventing crowd who are die hard Thoroughbred owners admit that they like my horse.  They always start out with the phrase "I've never really liked Arabs before, but your horse....."  Yep, the tiny, grey Arab princess is winning them over.

-I am behind on my blog reading too.  Hoping to catch up this week while the husband is out of town and I'm stuck home with the kidlet every night.

Hope you are all having great times with your ponies!!  

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  1. I will be checing my Straigh for sure. gave me lots to think about. I am struggling with posture during trot work, and with Pippi I can't get her to go anywhere. Hmmm......