Sunday, April 15, 2012

Murphy's Law

Once you put a deposit down on a high falutin, three times your budget custom saddle, someone will show up with a saddle that fits both you and your horse and is in your original budget.  I'm trying it out in my first group lesson tomorrow night and then we will probably buy it so I have a saddle to use until my custom one comes in.  It's too late to not order the custom since I put a deposit down and the custom fits me exactly perfectly, but it is pretty funny that the perfect saddle came along two weeks to late.

In other news, we had a few good rides this weekend.  I had my husband take a video tape of us riding today and if it wasn't so awful I would post it.  Here's what I learned from this video:

1.  She is still not forward.  I might think we are forward but we are not forward.  We are slouching around the arena while she drags her hind behind her and I pump with every stride.

2.  What feels like a monumental buck is not that impressive on video.

3.  I can see daylight between my arms and my body at all times.  Huge chunks of daylight.  You could build a condominium in the daylight between my arms and my body.  I am going to make my new mantra be 'elbows in and bent!".

4.  If you are having your husband/boyfriend/partner videotape you, you might want to make your expectations clear.  I do not want to watch a video of MY FACE while I'm riding my horse.  And if your boyfriend/husband/partner comes in to the arena to video tape, you may need to give them some etiquette guidelines.  Something like "Standing like a giant on top of that corner is just going to scare all the horses." or "That's the outside track of the arena so you probably shouldn't stand there."

Husband also took pictures of me and the pony.  In most of them, the princess is trying to leave and I'm looking exasperated.  I also probably should have taken pics BEFORE I rode to avoid helmet hair.  Oh well.  Live and learn...

Stop, Pony.  Seriously.

Why are you always walking away from me, pony?  And why do I not know how to stand up straight?

Sadly, this is the best shot we got.  All the others, one of us had our eyes closed.  Pony...I'm talking about you.


  1. Sadly, the video does not lie. (ask me how I know) It is very instructive though.

    Your post made me laugh out loud - especially the part about the monumental buck - too funny!

    I hope you enjoy both of your saddles. :)

  2. Yes...two saddles, what could be better! I love the last pic of you and the princess. Video is such a great tool to learn from - pics only catch the moment, but video does not miss a thing.

    Have fun in your group lesson - I am betting it goes so much better than you think it will.

  3. Videos are so helpful. They are a great sanity check when you feel you haven't improved and they show otherwise. And see? That buck wasn't as big as you thought it was. ;-) I like the last picture of the two of you....