Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Maybe, Baby

Practicing selfies.  An important skill for any horse that is my partner.

Rocking the english outfit for me and the Western get up for the mystery pony.

I don't want to jinx anything, but this boy has the perfect resume, a handsome face, passed his vet check and is arriving tomorrow for a 'make sure' trial.  Also, I adore his current owner and we both want the same things for the pony.  Lessons scheduled, stall procured and shockingly, I have managed to restrain myself from buying everything in sight since he's a new color AND a new size.

I'd love to hear (or better yet see pictures) from redheaded pony owners about what colors they like best so I can start window shopping.  Keep your fingers crossed that our love affair is real and that the next few days are magical.  Also curious on folks thoughts about x-ray vs. not x-ray.  Vet didn't see any reason to x-ray and he's 10 and has not been pushed hard, gamed or jumped.  Thanks for your thoughts!


  1. I'm all for hot pink on a chestnut ;)

  2. Super cute!!!! I would make sure in your make sure trial, that you ride him on the kind of contact desired for dressage if that is your goal. I see the western tack and some western horses don't have the kind of contact you would want in dressage and it can be a long and frustrating road. Also, do things like taking him solo trail riding, give him a bath, cross water, go over a fence, and load onto different trailers. Good luck!

  3. So cute!! Cant wait to hear more!

  4. Great advice from Stanthehorse! For my PPE for my new Cob mare, I went with the vets advice - he didn't see anything that indicated taking x-rays unless I really wanted them done.
    Since Fergie is my first chestnut, I find she looks great in blues and greens.