Saturday, February 21, 2015

Moving Day is Here

I'm moving Licorice to our new barn this morning.  I have been up since 3am.  I'm not nervous, I'm more excited but apparently my body can't tell the difference and kept harassing me with stress dreams all night long.  I mean, I dreamt about going to the DENTIST.  Urgh!

But, I'm up and showered and just getting ready to load the last of my stuff up.  Then it's off to meet my friends with the truck and trailer at the barn.  Send us easy loading vibes.  I've been told to stay far away from them while they are loading Licorice so that he doesn't pick up on my anxiety about it.  Haha.

Loading is still on my list of things I'm going to fix.  I'm pretty sure the new place has someone who can help me fix that, since there are lots of trailers there and people who go places.  Even though I have everything I need on the property (trails!  indoor and outdoor arena!  Wash Rack with hot water!!!!), it's important that Licorice and I learn how to load calmly and properly.  Yes, I made sure to include myself.  Because really, Licorice knows how to load and just needs gentle reminders.  I, on the other hand, need a Xanax and a lot of practice not freaking out.

It looks like the weather is going to be good.  No rain and mild temperatures.  The move is a short one, we're only going about ten miles down the road.  Then I'll spend some time getting Licorice settled in and getting my stuff settled in.

At the new barn, I'm responsible for putting together his AM and PM feedings, as well as supplying my own feed tub, salt block and garbage can to store my feed in.  I finally got everything together last night and I have to admit, it was fun putting together Licorice's customized baggies.  Something about it made me feel more like he's MY horse and not a trainer's horse.  I'm sure the 'glow' of that will wear off, much like before you have a baby (and even in the beginning) you love folding little tiny clothes.  But after a few weeks or months you think, I really wish someone would fold these clothes.  Or you just stuff them in a drawer and call it good.  Or if you're like me, you can't even make it to the drawer and you just fold the clothes in a laundry basket and pull clean clothes straight from the basket.  Or on a really good day, I just leave the clothes in the dryer and pull straight from there.  That way I can re-run the heat for a few minutes to 'get the wrinkles out'.  So lazy!

Okay, I'm off the give L a good grooming so he's not a total pig when he rolls off the trailer at the new barn.  I will try to take some pics of his new casa today.

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