Sunday, January 25, 2015

A January Summer

It's freakishly warm here.  So warm, I pulled Licorice's blanket yesterday and left it off him last night.  This morning it was 48 degrees when I woke up!  In January!  And it's expected to get warmer today and tomorrow.  We may even hit 60 degrees tomorrow.

Remember two days ago when it was cold and rainy?  I went out and worked Licorice anyway.  I didn't end up riding, but I lunged him and he was a good boy.  I took a picture to prove it.  Doesn't he look miserable?  My saddle pad was still soaking yesterday, it was pouring the entire time!

I'm excited to spend some time at the barn today and tomorrow while it's warm out.  Though I know it's a lost cause, maybe I'll even try to get some of the mud off his ears and out of his tail.

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