Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pre-Clinic Cleaning

So I am riding in the clinic after all.  Both days.  Friday in the early afternoon and Saturday at 8am.  Which means a 6:15 am wake up call.  Ugh.  I actually volunteered for that slot though because then I won't have time to be nervous.  Genius!

I spent today cleaning my tack and I will try to get pictures of us all cleaned up tomorrow.  Licorice even got his mane pulled and I'm hoping to get out to the barn early enough to give him a decent clip job tomorrow.

Note to self:  clean your damn tack more often.  It was a three hour job to take apart and scrub all my tack.  It was four different bowls of water and a scrub brush for my stirrup irons.  Everything is sitting in my living room with a good coating of Passier Lederbasalm on it for the night.  Tomorrow I will degrease and put everything back together.

Now, I'm off to wash breeches so I have a clean pair to wear.