Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Second Date with Licorice

My second date with Licorice was a trail ride.  He was a star.

 Ear picture!!!  I FINALLY HAVE AN EAR PICTURE!!!!
 He tried to eat the ferns and sometimes wanted to be up in the lead horses business, but was otherwise amenable and quiet.  Even when someone drove by on a golf cart with trees loaded on it, he didn't look.

We only walked on the trails and when we came back we went into the arena and I did some basic flat work.  Then we put out some ground poles and trotted over them.

He doesn't have any dressage training and gets a bit heavy on the bit, but he is easy and simple and he doesn't argue about anything.

He did try to eat grass when I led him back to his pasture, but nothing horrible.

He's also a talker.  Whenever I would walk into the tack room, he would do this low nicker until I came out.  Adorable!

I tried another horse.  It was meh.  Then another one that I was lined up to try sold before I got the chance.

My trainer told me that the really good, really broke horses usually don't go on the market.  They're sold just like Licorice, by word of mouth.  If Licorice went on the market, he'd sell in a hot minute for what they're asking for him.

Dressage Championships are happening this week and my trainers are busy with 9 horse and rider combos going.  As soon as that's over, we will get busy marketing the pony and moving forward with Licorice.

Oh - and I can't remember who asked, but Tessa's other parentage is a Paint.  Though it's her Great, Great, Grandfather so she's really more of a 7/8ths Arab.  They just register them all as 1/2 Arabs if they have anything else in them.


  1. He seems like a willing, cooperative sort - maybe just what you're looking for - and he's darn cute, too which never hurts either.

  2. Sounds like you like him a lot! He is a sweet looking guy :)

  3. Oh, he sounds so RELIABLE! I'm glad you're enjoying him! Is he THE ONE? Or do you have some future dates to further your courtship? Hi is good looking! And he's so black!!

  4. Just looked at the little sidebar of your blog, with Tessa and the "Princess" label. Then saw Licorice's picture across from it, and thought "Man, he looks like a knight's horse". Think he's here to save the princess, and sweep you off into the sunset with his heroism?? ; )

  5. Thanks for the info on Tessa's breeding. Licorice is sure a handsome thing. You sure seem to have a knack for finding pretty horses!