Friday, August 24, 2012

A Quick Update on.....Nothing

I've been out of town.  And though I got back two days early, I chose not to go see my horse.  What does this mean?  The balance of family, work and horse is so damn challenging.  How do you fit in family, work and horse time?  How long is your average trip to the barn?  How many times a week do you see your horse?  Do you pay for someone else to work your horse when you can't?

Sometimes it just feels like I'm juggling.  I know, the saying is juggling too many balls, but I can't juggle.  At all.  So it just feels like juggling where every time I think I've got it, that damn third ball gets added in and everything goes flying every which way.

I have plans to see my pony tomorrow.  Though I'm excited to see her, I'm kind of tired of doing 20 meter circles.

I did, however, just get some of the stuffing moved around in my saddle so it should fit even better.  We took a bunch out of the back of the seat so it should feel less like I'm falling off the front of her.

Next week, I have an exciting play date (do grown ups call them play dates??) with Laura from Red Horse Farm.    Yeah for meeting fellow bloggers and fellow horse people!  We're gonna do some ground work and then maybe a little Western riding.  I'm gonna rock my Cruel Girl jeans (and you thought I was only english.  ha!  I even have some Western spurs with rowels!!) and I'm gonna bring my camera!  Is it a sign of things not working for me that I'm more excited about doing this than I am about going out to ride my own horse?

I will try to take more pictures this next week so that even though my posts might be full of musings and critical questions, they will at least have pictures.  Because we all love pictures!


  1. Juggling...I am not the best person to comment on this because my husband more often than not is with me when at the barn.

    We go out 5 or 6 evenings a week - there for about 2 1/2 hrs at a time - only other person who rides Riva is my daughter for a training ride once a week. I also work full-time, but my daughters are grown - 21 and 18 now.

    Jen at Cob Jockey had a great post recently about juggling the pony, work, working out, and husband. She much more discipled than I am...

    Enjoy the western horse time - nothing wrong with something different!

  2. Ooh, good questions...I always like to know how other people manage their horse time too.

    How do you fit in family, work and horse time?
    I work pretty ordinary hours, ending work around 5 or 6 with occasional days when I have to stay late. I ride on two weekdays and spend time with my boyfriend on the other three. Then on weekends I ride and spend time with my boyfriend, family, and friends.

    How long is your average trip to the barn?
    I ride at two barns--one is 15 min away and the other is 45 min away. So for the closer one, the total trip lasts about 2 hours, and for the farther one, 4-5 hours. But I try to ride more than one horse when I go to the farther one.

    How many times a week do you ride?

    Do you pay for someone else to work your horse when you can't?
    Right now I don't have my own horse but I'm sure that when I do I'll enlist help, whether it's from a college student looking for catch rides or from an actual trainer. Never hurts to have someone else to help you out.

  3. Oh, do I ever relate to this post Mona! It's so hard to keep those balls spinning and like yourself I seem to mange two ok - either the horse and the family, or the horse and the house, or the family and the house, but trying to get all three balls going at once, whilst not even having to worry about working outside of the home as well - eeek! I just can't seem to do it!!

    I found the best solution was to try and go to bed really early (we're talking 8:30 - 9:00 here) and get up really early and ride then. That worked until winter came and it was too cold and too dark to manage with my entirely-outside-agistment facilities.... I just give up in winter to be honest. The horse gets a rather extended holiday/easy work load. We'll see if I can pick up better again come summer. :/

    bonita of A Riding Habit