Saturday, March 31, 2012

Yes this is Seattle, but really?

The rain this week has been awful.  I know that in Seattle we have a reputation for the rain, but the reality is that it usually just sort of piddles and drizzles and is a whole lot of cloudy.  But not this week.  This week it has been dark and grey and cold and rainy.  I haven't been to the barn since Wednesday night because of work and I probably won't make it out until tomorrow, but Laura said she's doing a bit better and they are turning her out in the arena in the morning to stretch her legs.

Sunday I'm going to be giving the pony a kiss goodbye and getting on a plane for Scottsdale, Arizona.  Sunshine!  Heat!  Swimming pool!  For five glorious days, I will get a taste of summer.  Hopefully while I am there, the pony will get sound and will be able to start her training.  April is going to be an exciting month for the princess and I.  I can feel it.

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