Friday, March 2, 2012

Pain in the Butt

I have a saddle sores.  Was it my underwear?  My position?  Sigh.  So I'm not sitting lopsided, with a bandage on one side.  I had no idea about saddle sores since I've never had them before, but hoooooeey they hurt.  They're like rug burns in a VERY uncomfortable place.  Mine were right on my underwear line, so they're where the butt meets the leg.  I also now know how painful it is to have water hit your saddle sores.  Yowza.

So, I'm taking today and tomorrow off to let those heal up before I get back on.  Have you ever had saddle sores?  What did you do?  Do you wear special 'riding' underwear??


  1. I haven't had the issue yet, but all my lady friends who do use the Anti Monkey Butt powder and swear by it!

  2. Riding underwear does exist...haven't tried it myself, but I was looking through the Dover site and one product reviewer said bike shorts work just as well for cheaper.

  3. i have friends that will use riding underwear when they do a lot of riding because it has a gel seat inset to make riding more comfortable... hope you feel better soon...

  4. 2 words:

    Bag Balm

    Put it on at night while you wear clothes you don't mind getting messed up a bit. (it can leave a bit of an oil like stain on clothing) Will take the 'burn' out of any type of hurt!

    Another 2 words:

    Granny Panties

    I had a pair of full-seat breaches that used to *cough* bother me. You will get lines, but thats better than saddle sores! Hope you feel better soon.