Friday, March 9, 2012

Enjoying the View from the Top of a Mountain

I have a crazy post with all sorts of epiphanies and I'm not even sure I can get it all out.  I am also starving and need to get some work done today so I'm gonna just do some bullet points.  I may try to come back later and expand on these.  Or not.  Sometimes you don't need to go on and on and on about things...or at least that's what I'm told.  Ha!  So, in no particular order here we go:

1.  When I want to suddenly do a crazy clinic, send my horse off to a far away trainer, or any other mission that takes me off course from the mountain I'm climbing, I will refer to this post.

2.  When I am doing my mountain climbing (this would be the mountain of confidence and relationship with my pony) and I get to the top and am headed down the other side, I will not suddenly decide that I need a different mountain guide or a whole new mountain.

Oh sure he's working hard.  But can he do this on a pony?  I didn't think so.
3.  I rode my pony today with a medicine ball that weighed 11lbs.  You had to hold it using your core and make sure your body turned with it.  This meant my reins stayed one length and weren't very adjustable.  It also meant I couldn't open my inside rein and pull her around and I couldn't hold a dressage whip.  So, of course, we had a brilliant ride.  Because I didn't have time to over think and worry about what might happen.  I was too busy figuring out how to keep my ball close to my body.  No spooking.  No bucking.

4.  Saddle sore is almost completely gone.  Wore different kind of underwear today (warning, TMI coming up.  If you're sensitive just stop right here) and was unpleasantly surprised.  I know some women do it, but I recommend against wearing a thong.  It may have saved my ass, but it rubbed other WAY more sensitive areas (or area) raw and that's even worse.  Ick, ugh AND ouch.

5.  Laura says I'm ready for an evening group lesson.  WITH OTHER PEOPLE!!

6.  I love my pony.

7.  I am so proud of me.

8.  I will go and reread the above post mentioned in number 1. a few more times to make sure I get it this time.  Really.  Really.  Get.  It.

9.  I think y'all are so wonderful and supportive I can hardly stand it.  Thank you for keeping on encouraging me and believing that we could actually make progress.  We can and we are and we will continue to.

10.  And now for a well deserved glass of wine (yes, yes I do know it's only 2:52 p.m. but it's Friday and I've earned it)


  1. I recently found your blog through mugwump. I love it and just wanted to say I feel your pain I learned the underwear thing the hard way.

  2. Hey it is 5 o'clock somewhere!! Glad you are back to loving the mare - I just know by this time next year, all the fear and naughtiness will be a thing of the past.

  3. You guys are so amazing. Is the medicine ball to strengthen your core and lower back while riding or was it just to take your focus off of riding?
    Im so excited that you are moving forward dispite everything. We constantly tell our horses to move forward but it is often hardest for the rider lol.

  4. Congrats!! All good points to keep in mind

  5. Yippeee! LOVE IT!! (well, minus the ahem...chaffing... ; ) )

    Can't wait to hear about your next ride. And teach me to ride with a medicine ball!