Sunday, March 18, 2012

Quick Update

Rode in the trial saddle today.  Saddle was great.  Pony was a pill and a half.  She was lifting her tail a lot so maybe she's starting to come in to heat.  Good news is that my hip doesn't hurt.  I have a lesson tomorrow to REALLY test the saddle.  I also am going to be slammed at work, so I'll try and update as soon as I can.

Also, the shedding is insane and so is the weather.  Please, can we have spring now with some reasonable temperatures?


  1. i concur! we are suppose to get about 5 cm of snow in my city and just outside the city they are expecting about 25 cm of snow. boo :(

  2. It's about 80 degrees here today and has been since January. But our horses are still shedding horribly.

  3. Jessica - snow?!?!
    twhlady - I am so jealous! Except that I'm guessing that if you have 80 degrees now, it's not gonna be pretty come summertime!!