Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bill Richey?

Anyone ever done a clinic with Bill Richey?  There's a clinic in my area and I'm wondering if it's appropriate for me and my pony.  I understand they start with doing some mounted drill work which I'm not sure we're ready for, but I like the idea of building my confidence around handling her spooks.

Or am I better off saving up my pennies for something bigger, like a Mark Rashid clinic (not that I see any in my area).

I live in the Pacific NW (near Seattle) so if anyone knows of a life changing, confidence building kind of clinic that won't break the bank (I will probably have to rent a horse trailer AND a truck to get there so that's a cost factor too), please let me know.

The only clinics I'm not super interested in are Parelli clinics.  I've been there before and it's just not my flavor.

Thanks in advance!!!!


  1. My suggestion is to Audit first. If you like him pay for him the next go around.

    Unless it's Mark Rashid - then GO GO GO !

  2. No suggestions for you, since I live in Indiana. Just good for you for looking into a clinic!

    Like Jeni's advice to audit first.

  3. Steve Rother comes over to this side of the mountains often. His clinics are spendy, but they are definitely confidence builders. NH, but nothing like Parelli.