Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's Not Oooooover

And then she went on the internet, talked to the physical therapists, talked to the trainer and decided that even though she had seen the top orthopedist in the area, that he was just being an ass and was wrong.

I plan on riding horses, working out AND being pain free.  I have a history of overcoming things using alternative approaches (chemical/clinical depression runs in my family and I have overcome mine completely with no drugs) so this will be a piece of cake.

Saddle fitting tomorrow and I've researched and emailed the saddle fitter since it sounds like saddles with narrow twists may be more appropriate for me.

When I'm still riding five days a week AND working out AND not having pain, I have every intention of sending that orthopedist a thank you note.  Nothing gets me mobilized more quickly than some jerk off telling me that I can't.  So, thank you, mean 'ol orthopedist.  Without your snobby, condescending attitude and your grim diagnosis, I might have just puttered around with working out and finding solutions.  You have now just mobilized me into proving you absolutely wrong.


  1. Right on!

    My new saddle has a narrow twist and I'm waaaay more comfortable hip-wise.

  2. A lot of doctors don't know much about the mechanics and physical requirements of riding. You might want to find another doctor . . .

  3. Narrow twist will help a lot - and you already have a slim horse...or so she looks in photos. May sound dumb, but it matters!

    The school master I take lessons on is WIDE and my legs and hips are sore the day after I ride her.

  4. Rock on!

    It does fucking suck when your body won't do what you need it to, but I fully believe that with some good alternative therapies you will be riding and comfortable.

    Might want to look into a bodywork type thing, like The Feldenkrais Method, http://www.feldenkrais.com/ it helps reeducate your body, which is super important with chronic injuries.