Friday, February 10, 2012


Saddle shopping + crabby, not forward pony + chicken rider = Whining.  Lots and lots of whining.

Is it the saddle?  Is it me?  Is she just crabby?

Rode today in the Kent and Master's with double shoulder shims.  Crabby pony.  Got off and switched to trainers Klimke Miller with no extra padding.  Crabby pony.  Got off and schooled the pony to what a cluck and a tap means.  Got back on.  Rode through the crabbiness and had a decent ride.

Sunday I will ride in the Kent and Master's with no extra padding.  Though it may not fit ME properly, I need to know if this way produces a less crabby pony under saddle.

Also, you'd think after THIS many years and with so many wealthy people in this sport, that someone would have developed an easier way to saddle fit.  Even with custom saddles, I hear horror stories about getting them to fit.  I'm ready for this to be done with and we've just gotten started.


  1. I'm going through exactly the same thing. I've just given up on the saddle and am riding bareback until I get one that fits us both.

    Saddle shopping is definitely a nightmare, but so is trying to ride in a badly fitting saddle. My horse will. not. go.

    I'd love to get Klimke Miller - almost snapped on up on ebay. Good luck to you!!

  2. I feel your pain too... Good luck on the search.

  3. My friend is saddle shopping's been a nightmare for her too. Hang in there.