Friday, February 10, 2012

Bridling Video

I wanted to take a video of what Tessa does when you bridle her.  She also does this when you go put the lunge line through her bridle and when you brush her face.  The hilarious part is that OF COURSE, the minute I start getting her bridle on, she moves her head out of range of the camera.  So, you can't really see much of it besides her neck moving around a bit.  The headless horse!  At the end, I realize we're probably out of range and move her back over so you can see a little bit of what she does.  It's a push/pull thing with her head where she pushes it into you and then takes it away.  I am purposely not reacting as much as possible so I can get feedback without interference.

I will try and get a better video this weekend.  Maybe one where the pony has a head.  However, you can see our barns pretty Christmas lights on the aisleway.  We generally try not to turn on lights during the days, so on dark afternoons those little twinkly lights make me happy.


  1. What a beautiful horse! The header is stunning.

    I cannot really see what she is doing in the video, but I like the Christmas lights. Your barn looks very similar to my little barn.

  2. She seems to do the same thing that G does when i try to bridle him, pulls his head away then lifts it up then gives it to you. I smack him (lightly of course, but enough to get his attention) he stops doing it for me at that point but he is also a MAJOR face rubber and will rub his face raw on your arm while head butting you at the same time lol i find it a little rude lmao. There are a lot of great training videos on youtube (mostly western but the theory applies to english too) about teaching horses to lower their head for haltering and how to teach them to keep it there till you give the command to release.
    Your mare is still adorable even though she has the attitute of a rebeling teenager lol