Thursday, February 16, 2012

Complete Time Suck

Not enough work to do today?  Here's a total time suck for you.  Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show!

Amazing horses.  Terrible horses.  Some awesome examples of horrific riding, but also some examples of lovely quiet riding.  And all on crazy town Ayrabs.  Yep, I've already seen two near wrecks in the two classes I watched.  It's fascinating stuff.

On the one hand it makes me want to show!  On the other hand, it reminds me why I don't.  If only I had this on a big screen television and a bottle of wine.  Good times, my friends. 

Question for the Arab people....are they playing the music at the actual show?  Do they play music at every class?  If so, I need to show on the Arab circuit.  I hate how quiet dressage shows are.  It's nerve wracking.  Yeah, what AM I doing messing around with dressage?  I need a discipline where there's music involved!!

1 comment:

  1. Scottsdale always gets me back into the "I need to show" mode! I have a friend showing in the reining this year. I'm so envious, I wish I was there! I admit I've seen some of the worst horses showing at Scottsdale but some of the most amazing too. It looks like such a fun event. And who wouldn't want to be somewhere like Scottsdale in February?

    I believe the music is going on while they ride. I haven't shown an A show in many years but we always had music. One circuit I did actually had live music! The shows were held in a hockey arena that had an organ and the lady would play particular music for every gait. That was like 25 years ago but I remember it perfectly!

    I really love showing the Arabian shows.