Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thank You..and you and you and you.

Thank you to everyone for their thoughts yesterday.  I am so grateful to have a community of horse folks to bounce things off of, even if it is a 'virtual' community.  I think I was jumping ahead of myself and feeling frustrated and old.  I've decided (again) to just stop worrying about it.  Unless my pony turns into a major freak and does something downright dangerous, my confidence is slowly improving and we ARE getting better.  If I'm still writing posts about this in October then I may want to re-think my commitment, but until then I'm going to hang tight.  And if I'm really feeling like I want to ride a broke horse, I can take lessons on some super broke horses.

Today she did a spook, buck, gallop madly off maneuver that caused my foot to come out of a stirrup.  I grabbed mane, cussed a bit and we went back to work.  And that was that.

Today's news is that my trainer got on and rode in my dressage saddle today.  The pony hated it, not because of the fit of the saddle but because of where it puts the rider.  We're not sure if it's too deep or if it's just a bad fit where it puts the rider on the pony but it definitely wasn't working.  So, I will definitely be getting a new saddle.  We then put her back in the jump saddle and she visibly relaxed.  Laura said she may need a jump saddle or an all purpose saddle until she is broke and not doing the spooking/bucking/cranky pony act.  The saddle fitter comes out Monday and I'm going to have her bring some consignment saddles to try.  Also, Laura and I are going to try out other dressage saddles at the barn tomorrow.

If anyone needs a 17.5 Klimke-Miller dressage saddle, it looks like I have one for sale.  Half my barn rides in these saddles because they fit so many different horses and riders so well.  But, the princess just HAD to be unique didn't she?  Of course she did.


  1. How wide is the tree? I am glad you decided to stick with it :D you guys are doing so great im so proud of you!

  2. Glad you have a plan, good giving yourself a time limit to venture to and re-asses at that time.

    Saddle shopping is such a pain...I hope you find something that works asap.

  3. At some point in time, all of us have had that moment where we felt we had bit off more than we chew and felt that our horse was too much horse. You are not alone in this.

    You're doing the right things. May I suggest, that if it's the budget, that you lease a dead broke horse so you can gain confidence on a steady eddy, then that confidence should naturally transition over to Tess.