Monday, February 27, 2012

Spring is coming aka Why Polar Fleece Jackets are Not Good Barn Jackets

Still off riding due to my IT band, but I got to visit the pony today.  She was very itchy.  The shedding season has begun.

White horse. Black Jacket.  Bad Idea.  It would have been worse had I not been wearing another jacket over this one most of the time.

"Ooooh, gloves!  Can I eat these?"

This pose was struck many times today.  So itchy!

She came to visit me in the corner of the arena where the goat was.  This is the moment she realized the goat was also in this corner.


  1. Ha, ha. Just this morning my mom scratched our polar bear... oops our arab and came away with white hands. We joke that this time of year dad won't let us in the house until we strip off outer garmets due to hair.

  2. Another bit of advice - don't wear Chapstick or other lip balm during shedding season!

  3. LOL - 100% agree with Kate on no Chapstick or lip balm! I felt like I needed to shave my face after grooming last evening!

  4. Carry lots of babywipes, to remove hairs from mouth! LOL

  5. you guys are so lucky!! its still like -24C here!!! we just got like 2 feet of snow :(