Sunday, January 29, 2012

Forward! Forward!

Our ride today started off with me feeling like I just couldn't do it.  There were three other horses and a horse lunging in the arena and I felt overwhelmed.  But Laura was there and walked out and said "Trot this pony."  I whined and hemmed and hawed.  She took my feet and pushed them down hard into the stirrups.  "Hunker down and trot. this. pony."  Yeah, she kinda growled at me.  I knew from her tone that if I didn't make the pony trot, she was going to.  "If she bucks, smack her.  If she bucks again, smack her harder.  She will give it up quick," Laura assured me.  So I rode and smacked and there was some ear pinning and some random cantering, but there were no bucks.  And we had a lovely ride even though there ended up being five horses in the arena and it was chaotic.  Now if I can just get a life size cardboard cutout of Laura and a tape of her saying "Forward! Forward!  Keep the contact!" then I'd be set.  I could also save some money on lessons if I did this since most of my lessons right now are rinse, lather, repeat.  Forward! Forward!  Keep the contact!

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  1. lol my trainer is the same i will get a little panicky when a horse tosses his head and quick steps and she yells at me "JESSICA GET OVER IT RIDE YOUR HORSE! OR GET OFF BEFORE YOU WRECK HIM"
    lol shes a little more mean because aparently i dont respond to direction unless its being screamed at me like a drill sergant.
    But man o Man the difference it makes in my riding. Once she starts yelling i know thats it either i figure it out fast or she wont stop lol