Friday, January 27, 2012

Celebrate Every Success

Rather than give you a long post about my ride today and how defeated I felt after she tried her same old tricks, I'm going to focus on my success.  Ready for it?

I rode my horse today WITHOUT LUNGING HER.  That's right.  I pulled her out of her stall, groomed her, saddled her and GOT ON.  Dude, I live on the EDGE!!  She did walk off when I got on, which I hate, but otherwise was very sensible.  She wasn't spooky or crazy and I survived.  I did have to talk to myself to keep myself breathing, but I did it.   Go me!

We also had a few okay moments in our short, crappy ride.  And then afterwards she fell asleep in the cross ties, like the crazy lazy Arab she is.


  1. Congratulations! And the walking off will get better - mine used to do that too, but if you consistently stop her after she starts to walk, they stop eventually. You'd think Oliver had pooped gold the day he stood still until I asked him to move!

  2. Thats amazing lol shes starting to become a brand new horse. YAY for living on the edge.

  3. That is a great way to conquer fear...putting the positive out there, so good for you.

    I think it's great you didn't longe her first, a good step ahead. Some people say that longing them first only makes them fitter in the long run....

  4. Yippee! Focus on these positives, as there will be more to come!