Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 and the World Didn't End! Hurrah!

Well, we made it to 2012.  And since I have LOVED seeing the 'year in review' posts, I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and try to put my own review together.  Of course, it's a bit challenging because my photo documenting could use some help.  That's going to be my blogging resolution:  MORE PICTURES!  

January 2011

Spent time talking a lot about horses.  Decide to look into getting back into them again.  

February 2011

Start taking riding lessons again regularly after a year long hiatus (which was following a 10 year hiatus).   I remember that as much as I like lessons, I like having my own horse to work with.  Husband I discuss and agree to begin searching for a horse.

March 2011

Spend every spare moment looking at horses.  My criteria for a horse is this:

1.  Pocket pony personality.  I want a horse who's a love bug.  No pissy attitudes, even if they're well trained.

2.  Quiet.  Not spooky.  

3.  On the smaller side.  Bigger than 14.2 but smaller than 16 hands. I know, I know.  I ride dressage and should want to ride a ginormous, powerful horse.  But I don't.  I like little horses.  They're closer to the ground, less intimidating for me, and when you're out on the trail (as if I EVER trail ride) they're easier to get on  from the ground.

4.  It MUST be a love connection.  The amount of money that I spend on a horse is approximately the same no matter how I feel about the horse.  It's going to cost me over $1,000 a month to do the horse thing and I better damn well LOVE my horse.  Otherwise there are lots of other things I could be doing for $1,000 a month.  

April 2011

Narrow the search down and find what I think is my horse.  She's a rescue horse and tries hard to please.  She's quiet and short and a nice mover.  But she has a funky looking knee.  I fall in love, take a few lessons on her and have a vet who's a lameness expert come out to do the PPE.  She watches her go on the lunge for five minutes and shakes her head.  It's a no go.  She'll be good for light riding and a weekend rider, but I want to ride six days a week.  I'm heart broken.  As I'm putting the horse's blanket back on, my eyes are filling with tears and I'm lost in my unhappiness.  At that moment, the mare throws her head up, catching my jaw and slamming it shut.  I spit out a mouthful of blood and bits of teeth.  I quickly put the mare away and drive off, disappointed and now missing my two front teeth.  A quick phone call to the dentist, two weeks of a liquid diet and three weeks later I have new front teeth and a brand new phobia about my face.

May 2011

I drive out to the middle of nowhere to see a horse that I'm pretty sure won't work for me.  She's not the right color (grey), she's a mare and not a gelding (mares!), she's young (barely 5), and out of shape.  On May 29th she becomes mine.  Here's the original post I wrote about her on my other blog.

June 2011

Due to the outbreak of Equine Herpes, the pony doesn't get to come home until the middle of June.  She  goes directly into full time training.

July 2011

Only my trainer is riding the pony.  I want her to get a clear, consistent start and this seems like the best idea.  I act as groom. Pony gains a little weight and a lot of attitude.  She has her first dressage schooling show and scores a 64%.  Not too shabby considering she's only been doing it a month.

August 2011

Pony is still very spooky and nervous.  I start riding her and am gripped with fear.  I can't get her attention.  I take this horrible picture for her registration because there isn't anyone else out at the barn and I need a picture to transfer the registration.  

Sept 2011

More full time training.  Less of me riding.  Thinking of selling the pony because I can't ride her.  I practice braiding.  My braiding gets worse instead of better.  I am convinced I am incompetent in all things horse.

October 2011

Decide to sell horse.  On the same day, decide to switch trainers to try something as a latch ditch effort.  Start blog.  Realize I am not alone and not as incompetent as I thought.  Barely.  Take some great photos showing how much she's filled out!

November 2011

Keep taking lessons even though I'm terrified.  Make a pact to keep the pony until spring/summer of next year no matter what happens.  No more training so it's just me and the pony.

December 2011

Slow down a bit due to holidays and family stuff, but have some big breakthroughs.  Now that we've worked past the major spooking we've entered in the major bucking phase.  Remind myself that I've committed until spring.  If you look closely, she's wearing tiny brown antlers.  Reindeer Pony!

I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season.  I am looking forward to 2012 and what new things I will discover on the journey with the princess.


  1. Interesting read, I just started following your blog not that long ago, and now I am all up to date with your story thanks to this post.

    Happy New Year!

  2. I agree with L - the bucking, balking, kicking out is normal young horse stuff. You did good working through it and staying on. She will remember that even if she does test you.

    The Arab I had when I was a teenager always threw a buck or two at the beginning of every single ride. Then settle down to work.

    Stick with your commitment, if anything she's making you a better rider.