Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thursday is Lesson Day

I am still feeling woozy from my head cold so I opted not to ride today.  But since today was lesson today, I went out and got the pony ready.  I even got on her for a few minutes (after which I desperately wanted a nap) before handing her over to L.  L dwarfs my pony.  L is taller than me by a few inches and has long, long legs and on my little Arab mare it was pretty funny to watch.  It was great to see how quiet she was, especially with her hands.  I really, really struggle with keeping my hands quiet and allowing the pony to come forward INTO them.  Especially when I get nervous.

So L worked on our obvious issue, which is forward, forward, forward.  There were a few moments when L asked and the Princess answered with "But I'm a Princess and YOU are supposed to follow my command!  How dare you tap me with your whip!  How dare you!" followed by a tail whip to the head and a kick to the wall.  But most of the time things went smoothly.

Also, the pony got her teeth done yesterday.  Which is great, but I wish I had known so I could go out and take pictures of a drugged up Princess.  I'm sure she was hilarious.  My barn is wonderful in 'taking care of things' but they don't always tell you when this is going to happen.  It's nice to know that I don't have to be there, but sometimes I would like to be there!  I mean, I'd love to actually get to TALK to my vet sometimes.  

She was a snaggle tooth hot mess according to the vet.  I'm super excited to see if she still tries to rub her bridle off her face every time.  We also may be moving out of the Mullen Mouth Happy Mouth bit and into a jointed bit (possibly a KK).  Progress!


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