Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Cookies and New Breeches

Not surprisingly my family did not get me any horse related gifts.  My husband did give me a silk undershirt that I can wear to the barn, so there is that.  But for the most part, my family doesn't really get the whole horse thing and though my Christmas list was littered with pony stuff, I think it intimidates them.  

So I bought myself a new pair of cheap, full seat breeches online and they arrived in time for me to throw them under the tree.  I only have one pair of breeches (the horror, I know....and I ride six days a week so they are getting USED!!) but we just don't really have a whole lot of extra money for $100 breeches right now.  So I was super psyched to find full seat breeches for $35.

I can see you now, rolling your eyes and shaking your head.  Yes, yes. You are right.  I should have known better.  $35 is just too cheap.  I pulled my new Gatsby Girl breeches from the bag.  They were definitely more lightweight than my current breeches, but that's not surprising at $35.  I pulled them on.  Kind of scratchy, but still, the money I saved was like a balm on my skin as I wrestled them up my legs.  I finally got them up past my thighs and started to pull up the waist to button them.  I pulled and pulled and pulled and finally was at the end of the waist, which actually ended somewhere at the top of my rib cage.  Suffice it to say, these were not low rise breeches.  I have a short waist and thanks to the many varieties of Christmas Cookies, I now have a short, thick waist.  The effect of these breeches buttoning up four inches above my belly button, is that I look like Toad from the Wind in the Willows.  Except not as cute and not quite as green.

 I plan on keeping these breeches anyway, despite the fact that they are not all that comfortable, they sag in the crotch and they give me an amazing pot belly.  I will just wear longer shirts.  In the meantime, I'm on the hunt for reasonably priced, but also reasonably attractive, full seat breeches.  I am short waisted and not a stick and would prefer them to be under $100.  Any ideas?

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!!


  1. I love the Tuffrider ribbed FS breeches. $54 each at our local shop, and they last for years. I'm sure you can find them online for about the same price.

  2. Im not sure where you on but go on it is a tack shop here in canada i know they ship stuff out... i bought my full seat breeches from there(i too only have 1 pair lol!! budget is also limited) they have very reasonable prices i believe. Let me know if you need anymore info :)
    i followed you as well