Sunday, December 11, 2011

Again with the Canter!

Cantered again yesterday.  This time, no trainer in sight.  It may have only been one twenty meter circle to the left and a half of a twenty meter circle to the right but it was cantering.  I asked for the transition, I rode the transition and then I asked for the downward transition.  Yeah!!

I am starting weekly massage and/or chiropractic treatment for my neck and shoulders.  I am also really trying to focus on exhaling and relaxing those muscles when I ride.  The nice thing about not having to spend so much time working past my fear, is that we can begin to work on things like my shoulders and how I must be tensing them the entire ride.

No barn for me today.  I am going out to dinner at Teatro Zin Zanni, which is this cool dinner theatre experience.  I am also coming down with a cold and have a sore throat and a runny nose and getting bundled up to go to the barn just isn't working for me this morning.  So instead, I have made myself a gigantic latte (the joys of having a home espresso machine) and am going to catch up on everyone's blogs.  Hope you all are having a great weekend!


  1. Sorry you're not feeling well, get better soon. Congratulations on your canter, one piece at a time. Try to take a nice relaxing deep breath before you ask and it might help your tenseness.

  2. I used to have (and im sure it is somewhat there and will resurface on the new horse) the same anxiety towards riding... my best friend was giving me lessons and was constantly on my case relax relax relax which is MUCH easier said than done. So one day i was watching her ride when she asked me to cool down her big 16.3hh TB mare (who i have watched have terrible tempertantrums and be a hard ride for the most experienced of riders) i was so nervous and when i got on the horse bolted, i was so tense i couldnt blame her, after getting her in control i realised what a HUGE difference me being tense made. The minute i tensed even the slightest her pace would quicken. I do NOT recommend this as a training routine in any way but it shows what a difference being nervous and tense makes. I find the best way for me to relax and be calm is to listen to my ipod when riding... keeps me calm

    Best of luck with your mare, thats the reason i try to only ride geldings lol.