Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Decorations

I am going to complain about the stupidest, shallowest thing right now.  It's a minor thing and I think it's funny that I'm bummed about it.  Ready for it?  I am sad that my pony doesn't have a stall to hang a stocking on.  There, I said it.  My pony comes and hangs out (and takes ridiculously long naps) in other horse's stalls during the day.  She lives outside.  She has a lovely large turnout and a great shelter and ponies on both sides of the fence from her.  Right next door is her boyfriend Manny.  Tessa isn't really into Manny, but Manny believes that Tessa was put on this earth for him and that he can't live without her.  Manny also comes in during the day and whenever we walk by his stall, Manny cries and cries.  Tessa doesn't even flick an ear at him.  When Tessa first arrived, we thought about turning her out with Manny for company but now that he's so attached that isn't an option.  He actually tried to climb the fence one night when she was in heat.  Tessa wanted NOTHING to do with that action!

So, anyway, there really isn't a spot where I can hang a stocking.  I visit Tessa in the daytime so she's always in somebody's stall and not outside anyway.  There's a small, terribly shallow part of me that wishes she was in a stall so I could decorate her stall and order her fancy name plates for it and get her cute stable blankets.  But the terribly practical part of me knows that she's better off spending more time outside.  The horses in stalls only get out every other day for turnout, but my pony is out every day!  Plus she is outside from around 4:00pm to about 9am in the morning so she gets more time than a stalled horse would.

Still - - seeing everyone's cute stockings and stall decorations has me the weenciest bit jealous.  To make up for it, maybe I'll put some antlers on the Princess and take some pictures of her.  She looks a bit like a little, grey yak these days anyways.  She can be a Christmas Yak!


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  2. !You can ALWAYS take lots of pictures!

    And where do you keep your tack? I decorated Moon's old owner's whole tack shed! Hung little stockings over each of the tack hooks and saddles, for each of the horses! Worked perfectly! When I used to board there, I hung my stall sign over my tack as well. : )

    Is there a feed room at the barn? Hang stockings in there. Or what about on the fence line? We hang our halters off the fence so I know the horses don't chew things, and it's the perfect place to hang a stocking or two. Plus, the horses can pull their treats out themselves Christmas morning!

    Don't feel too petty though. We all want to spoil our horses and dress everything up! It's what makes us such horse owners! : )

    Hope you have a Merry Christmas and I can't wait to see your Christmas horse photos!!!

  3. that's what I was going to suggest, can you hang one on the bridle rack?