Monday, May 21, 2012

Rainy day

Today was rainy. I pulled a muscle in my neck so I didn't ride.  The princess is in heat again and very distracted. Here's  a short video of her calling to her barn buddies. Sorry for the shakiness, it's from my cell phone.  I love when she mugs the camera and is then distracted again.  I'm totally bummed that I'm missing my Monday lesson, but I'm thinking horseback riding and neck/back pain are not a good combo.


  1. She's SOOO pretty! Have you concidered something like Mare Calm or Raspberry leaves for her? It helps reduce those marish symptoms.

  2. Jeni- Thanks! I think she's pretty too!! She's actually on Raspberry Leaves already. Last year, when I bought her she went into heat and was like a stallion! So this is at least an improvement over that! :)