Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Princess Turns 6!

Yesterday was Tessa's 6th birthday.  For her birthday I made her a cake out of oats, molasses, cut up apples and carrots as fake candles.

Mmmmmm.....pony cake.

Tessa tried hard to be respectful while my five year old (also turning six this month) daughter led a rousing version of Happy Birthday.  She really wanted to skip the singing and move right to the cake eating portion of the celebration.
I want to eat this cake...RIGHT.NOW.

Nom nom nom.  Cake is good.
 There were cupcakes for the humans and to bribe the five year old to go out to the barn with me.

Then Tessa went back out with her friend Sophie.  I wish I had taken more pictures of the two of them but my daughter is not great around horses and I didn't want her to be unsupervised while I was taking pictures. Moments after I snapped this picture, Sophie stuck her nose in Tessa's tail and Tessa did her mare pee.  Oh, girls.  

I made Tessa take a self portrait with me again.  One of these days I'll actually think about showering before I go out to the barn and take pictures of myself.  Of course, then nobody would recognize me.  I stopped by the barn once in normal clothes and having showered AND wearing makeup and it took everyone a while to figure out who I was.  Hilarious.

Happy 6th Birthday to my sweet and sometimes not so sweet girl.  I'm so grateful to have learned so much from you and I hope that we continue to get better and better.


  1. AWE Happy Bday Tessa!!! My boy and her are so close in age his birthday is on the 13th of May.

  2. Well Happy Birthday Tessa !!!

  3. Happy Birthday Tessa! : ) They grow up so fast *sniff*

  4. happy birthday!

    I have often seen a big "growing up" during the 6th year, for some ponehs that is when the brain comes in :)