Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pony Jammies

It's supposed to be a glorious week here with lots of sunshine.  The mornings are definitely starting to get a little chilly, which has me thinking about blankets.

Currently, Licorice is wearing an ancient, ripped, stained Pessoa blanket.  It seems to be a medium weight from what I can tell, which is actually a little heavy for him since he has a fuzzy coat already.

I'm trying to hold off on buying anything for him until Tessa sells, but I have started the blanket search.  It seems like a thousand new blankets have come out in the last few years.  More likely, it's that Licorice can actually fit a wider variety of blankets.  With Tessa, I had to be careful the blankets didn't hang on her like a mumu.

Licorice is 16 hands at the withers and not the picky princess that Tessa is.  If you turn Licorice out into a muddy pasture, the first thing he does is drop and roll.  Though he hasn't been in the big turnout with his new buddy, they play kissy face in their stalls all the time, so he may  need a tougher blanket also.  And the third consideration is that Licorice has giant withers.

So, tell me what blankets are best.  I'm definitely on a budget so a Rambo is not in my future at this time.  I need a medium weight turnout and will eventually need a sheet.  Licorice is a true black, so most colors look good but y'all know I dressed the Princess in Pink Plaid and I will not hesitate to dress Licorice up in ridiculous  ridiculously awesome blankets.

I like the Smart Pak light blue plaid, but it fit Tessa pretty well and she has NO withers to speak of so I'm concerned about it rubbing on Licorice.

There's also this brighter blue one from Weatherbetta.  It looks like it fits a little better to me.

This one is from Rider International and is only a hundred dollars!

There are so many to choose from!  What's your favorite blanket for your high withered, hard on blankets horse?


  1. The Riders are good value for money. Pessoas are pretty good. Rambos are top of the line and last for ever.

  2. Rambos last forever, but of course, are $$$. Schneiders are great blankets, come in many different fits (and price ranges) and have great warranties!

  3. I love the Riders blankets for my high withered TB. They've been through three full winters and are still in pretty much perfect shape.

  4. Just wanted to say - I thought of you when I saw this: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151613849785947&set=a.198726915946.137875.109161715946&type=1
    I'm so happy things continue to go so well with Licorice!!

  5. For my Draft cross I like Weatherbeeta. Freestyle shoulders give her plenty of room to move. No wither rubs either. Tried RI but it did not have enough depth for her. We also used Turtleneck, but those are pricey.

  6. We have Schneiders blankets - great price and they last! Ours have been washed repeatedly and look great after 3 years of use.

  7. My TB has huge withers...the only style of blanket that doesn't rub his withers is one with a high neck...the pressure is more evenly distributed than one that ends near the wither. RIght now I have a Weatherbeeta blanket with the Hi-Neck option and it works very well. Wide shoulder gussets, very well made. His pasture pal likes to try to undress him and so far, it has gotten through two seasons with little damage. We did have the binding on an edge torn last year, the victim of pasture pal's teeth, but it was easily fixable.

  8. My TB goes in Schneiders - never had any rubs, 3 winters and going strong.