Monday, October 14, 2013

It Will Work Out As It Should

I'm a firm believer in things working out the way they should.  Fretting does you no good.  Worry is just borrowing trouble from tomorrow, so what's the point?

Tessa is off on a trial period and I've bitten my fingernails down to nubs.  Not literally, but my brain has had a hard time letting go.  Mostly because financially it makes a BIG difference to us if she comes back at the end of this month.  So, we're in this holding pattern where we can't buy anything in case Tessa comes back.

Tessa was an angel for her trial ride, but reverted to her insecurities on her trial.  She has been spooky and even ran through a tape fence when she got scared (for a moment, I will climb on my soap box and say that horses and dogs need real fences, not just electric ones.  A real fence doesn't get shut off if you lose electricity and takes a lot more effort to run through.  I think electric fencing is a great addition to fencing, but not a replacement.  Okay, climbing down now....).  Anyway, Tessa brought out her Ay-Rab and has had a hard time settling in.  The mom wanted to bring her back.  But then she said her son is in love with her.  Tessa follows him around like a puppy and they love her.  So, they're going to try schooling her cross country with an older rider to see if getting her some confidence would help.

It's frustrating because we both know that with more mileage, she would be perfect.  If Tessa comes back to me at the end of this month it will be Operation Mileage for her, which will probably mean sending her out to a different barn/trainer that travels a lot.  I'm not sure how I will afford this and my new pony, but....back to the title.  It will work out as it should.

Licorice continues to be Mr. Awesome.  He's super steady.  He goes down the driveway alone or with other horses.  Barking dogs?  No problem.  He's not a deadhead AT ALL, he's just not reactive.  I'm able to work on my position while we tool around the arena.  I can ride him outside.  Inside.  I can stop and get off and get back on without argument.  On Sunday, poor Licorice had me ride him, then my friend Jill tried him just to see, then my friend Sara hopped on him for a few minutes, then I rode him again.  He was a perfect gentleman the whole time.

Also, his black coat makes me kinda swoon.  It also makes me obsess about dust.  Oh, it's gonna get bad I can tell.  I want to see him EVERY DAY!  I just came down with the first cold of the season though (thanks to my second grader) so I will miss my lesson tonight.  But I will try to visit him as soon as I'm feeling better.


  1. Fingers crosses the Tessa settles in and finds her forever home. You sounds so happy with your new steady guy :)

  2. Good luck! Come on Ms. Tessa! You don't know how good you'll have it in Pony Club! Your new boy is so cute! I can't even handle it. His build reminds me of a Georgian Grand. Can't wait to see him muscled up!