Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

I went out to ride the pony yesterday.  I tacked up and got on and could feel her body tense up like a spring.  So I hopped off and lunged her.  She immediately went into a fast canter, which for her is unusual.  I lunged her both ways for about five minutes each side and then re-mounted.  She stood solidly while I got on.

We had lots of lovely trot, with her back lifted.  I thought about asking for canter and started to ask her to bring her hindquarters over by moving my leg slightly back.  She hunched up and kicked out.  I pushed her back into trot.  She pinned her ears and kicked up at my leg.  I took a long slow breath, willing the tension out of my arms and legs.  We trotted and changed directions.  I tried moving my leg back every so slightly.  She kicked out at my leg again.  I asked for more forward.  She put her head down and kicked up.

I went back to trotting, determined to just have a good ride.  My husband and I had been painting the interior of our house all weekend and my back was sore.  I didn't have the energy to work through her attitude and I didn't want to.  I hadn't ridden much in the last three weeks and my hips were reminding me that they needed to ease back into the program.

We finished our ride and I took her in the wash rack for a quick rinse.  She stood politely while I hosed the girth marks off.  While standing there, I realized I was ready to let her go.  I was ready for her to go to a home with someone who would love her as she is, not as she 'might' be.  She's a fantastic little horse, who has the potential to be even greater.

She has been a rock star every time she has gone out on the trails, she loves jumping, her dressage is quite lovely and her gaits are all super comfortable.  She just wants to get out there and do more stuff and she needs someone who is happy to sit through her little tantrums and laugh them off.  I'll bet a month or two with a rider like that and she'd stop having tantrums altogether.  She will make someone an incredible partner.  And because she is a smart little mare, she loves to bond to her person.  She whinnies when I come into the barn.  She walks to the gate to greet me.  She wants to have that perfect person and I'm in a position to help her find it.

The hard part for me is that now that I've decided to let her go, I'm ready for her to go.  I want to put her on the market as of yesterday!  I'm like that with all my relationships.  When I'm done, I'm done.  I emailed my trainers to let them know that I want to move a little faster with getting her out there.  Hopefully I'll hear back from them soon and get my girl her new, improved home soon!


  1. I'm glad you're moving things along - there's no point in waiting around once a decision's been made. Hope all goes well!

  2. Hope it all comes together quickly for you and Tessa - her to a new home and a new partner for you!

  3. The agony of the unknown is awful. It must be a huge relief to know for sure, now. Good for you!
    I eagerly await the details of the next steps for both of you!

  4. I am similar with decisions -- it can take a very long time to make 'em, but once they're made, it is time for action yesterday.

    Congrats on coming to a resolution, and best of luck moving forward to whatever comes next for both of you.

  5. Yippee! They always say, "Good Things Fall Apart so better things can come together". : ) Can't wait to see where it all leads. I'm proud of you : )

  6. Good for you for making a decision. Good luck with things.

  7. Good for you for making a decision. Good luck with things.

  8. I have a friend in the same situation. Very tough, but at least you know what the goal is. Good luck.