Thursday, July 25, 2013

Nada Mucho

Still here, just not doing much.  Have ridden the pony sporadically since our trail ride.  My timing has been off so I've only been able to get out the barn at noon, and it's been hot enough for us that we're both dragging.  Yes, I realize that 80 degrees isn't considered hot in most of the country but we're from Seattle so my pony and I both prefer cooler temps for riding.

I'm back in my pony crisis of trying to figure out what to do.  I'm sure my husband is tired of me talking about what to do with my horse.  Should I switch barns.  Should I switch horses.

He asked a very insightful question last night that I'm still struggling to answer, so I thought I'd put it out to my fellow bloggers.  We were talking about horses and how much I love them and he asked "What is it that you love about horses?"  I easily rattled off a list of things but he stopped me and asked what is the most important thing.

See, he's a sailor who came to sailing as an adult.  He started out racing on sailboats.  Though he enjoyed it immensely, something wasn't quite right.  He said it took him about three years and lots of different kinds of sailing trips and adventures to figure out that what he really loved was sailing.  Not racing.  Not the after parties.  Not the people involved.  He loved the ACTUAL SAILING and he didn't want to do it on someone else's schedule or with someone else's goals.  So he bought his own boat and he's been sailing ever since.

So, what is the most important thing for you with horses?  Is it the riding?  Is it spending time with them?  Is it having goals and meeting them?  The horse people you meet?  The adventures you go on?

I realize that it is usually a combination, but if you can, highlight what's most important.

So far, I've only realized that it truly is important to me to have my own horse.  I don't want to lease a horse, borrow a horse or just hang out with other people's horses.  I want my own.  I also realized I like lessons A LOT.  In a bit of an addictive way.

I'm hoping that by seeing your answers and thinking more about my own, I can start to get a handle on where I should go next with my horsey adventure.


  1. For me, I think, it is the intimacy of shared adventures. And knowing that my mount and I are both up to the challenge, whatever that new challenge might be...
    But, showing is definitely a bonus!

  2. I love horses, and I love competing. More and more though I realized I really loved MY horse, Carlos, and any interaction I had with him I loved. Now its all just kind of dull and muddled.

  3. Thank you for this post Mona! I am actually in the middle of trying to figure out the answer to that question myself - all prompted by your post. I won't write out my thoughts here, as they really are a lengthy tangle, but I will definitely be writing them down on my blog. I've put in a link to you, coz I think this is something that every equestrian should at least think about, if not answer. :)

    bonita of A Riding Habit

  4. What a really good question! Personalty I love the challenge of teaching a horse something new, and the connection that you get from being a team. I love the shows too, the competition, the friends and the 'vacation' with your horse.

  5. I like the adventures we can go on, and the experience of working with a creature that could easily kill me if he so chose to. I like having my horse because I know him and I enjoy seeing him develop over the years.

    As for you? You've stuck with her this long, haven't gone backward in training, and seem to be enjoying yourself, so I think that means a lot.

  6. I love developing the relationship with a horse. Taking years to build a partnership and accomplish things together.

  7. I hate when people ask this question, I feel like the answer is so deep you can't express it into words. For me there is no "one" things. The bottom line is - they make happy, make me fell at home, make me complete. I would die without being involved with horses, and I truly believe that. My life would end, in one way or another, I just wouldn't be the same person. They make me what I want to be.