Wednesday, July 3, 2013


I have been crazy busy the last few weeks.  Sorry the lack of updating.  I'm going to try to catch up blog reading if I can.  I've had work deadlines that have been eating up all my time!

However, I did manage to get out to the barn yesterday for a jump lesson.  While I don't have time to write a full report, I do have something!

The quality of most is bad because our arena is really dark, so it's hard to take action shots in there.  Especially when it's super bright outside.  My husband was the photographer and didn't quite know when to take the pictures, so there were lots of landing shots.  I did my best to lighten up the photos.  When I initially downloaded them, you couldn't even see there was a horse in it.  Then I would lighten and brighten and take out shadows and like magic, a horse would appear!  Ha ha.  However, it made for pretty grainy looking photos.  :(

Pictures really are worth a thousand words some times.  Even though we've been working on not leaning forward and not sticking my elbows out like chicken wings, I can REALLY see how badly I do it in these pictures.

But whatever...look how cute my pony and I are!  And look at us jumping!  In the end it was a four bounce grid!!!  And I've never even done a bounce jump before, so go us!!!!  Phew, that's a lot of exclamation points.  Here are the pics and I'm back to work!
We look pretty good here!

I just love how focused I am in this picture!  I am looking for the jump!

This is visual proof that we aren't *always* on the forehand.

Okay, I'm jumping this like I think it's three feet, but my eyes are up and elbows are at least in same realm as my body, which isn't always true.

Grown Up Pony Club Picture!  Though we were pretty sloppy about it.  Next time, I will make us line up like soldiers.  Calypso (horse on left) is sticking his tongue out at Tessa.  Tessa just wanted to say hi to both the other horses.  She's so social!

This one shows me looking for the jump and my horse going "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?" as she spots my husband with the camera.  We had a few diving in moments, but no actual spooks, even though my husband was popping up in different places to try and get better pictures.  Proof that if my mind is in the game, my horse is less spooky.

The grid at three bounces.

This is WITH a running martingale.  I was too far forward and she doesn't like it when I'm unbalanced.  She would have flipped her head over and bopped me in the head without the martingale.


I like this one because even though it's a landing show, we look semi balanced.  I'm looking up and we're ready to keep cantering.

This picture sums up the pony's personality.  She's tossing her head and is about to use that left hind leg to kick up at the girth at me and tell me what for.


  1. Aw man, there is nothing like an Arab head toss. They can do amazing things.
    I love seeing how far you both have come.

  2. ***squee!***
    Love all the pics!
    The Psycho Mare expects me to hold her up after the jump. If I don't, and she just has some loose rein, her head gets lower as her butt gets higher with every stride. I don't think her intent is to buck, I think she is still just that green and unbalanced. ;)
    Jumping ponies are so much fun!

  3. You and Tessa have come such a long way. You should be very proud of what you've accomplished. Love the last shot - her tail is very "expressive." ;D

  4. Action shots - love them! You two look great.

  5. The smile on your face says it all :)