Monday, December 3, 2012

The Clock is Ticking

It's October, right?  No?  November?  Ah, crap.  It's already December.  The month of holiday/birthday/no school/busy work/what am I doing with my life because this year is almost over and am I SATISFIED???  AM I HAPPY?

As you can see, December is a bit of a whirlwind for me.  I finally got to go back to the barn and start riding again.  Which is good since I'm participating in a jump clinic this month.  Yes, only three weeks from now I will be in a jump clinic.  I have now officially lost my mind.

So I finally saw my pony's adorable face yesterday and got a quick ride in.  She was a little hot, a little spooky but mostly forward and good.  We didn't push our issues because I had two weeks off, which is just enough time for a small nugget of insecurity to place itself in my brain.  Tonight is my lesson and then tomorrow is jump lesson so I'm sure I'll obliterate that nugget in the next two days.

I haven't had a chance to catch up on everyone's blogs yet (work! holidays! aaaahhh!) but I hope that you are all enjoying your ponies and making progress.  I will be reading your blogs this week but may not have time to comment.  Especially if you have the word verification because I am old and get it wrong at least twice, which leads to inappropriate words being yelled at the computer and me finally deleting my comment of "Go girl!" or whatever happy thing I felt compelled to say before I wanted to kill verification words....  So, if you don't hear from me, it doesn't mean I'm not cheering you on.  I know that lots of read and don't comment all of the time.  I'm okay with that.  :)

So, here's to a crazy December!  I will do my best to at least take pictures and write short updates.  My pony is doing great, especially in jumping.  I heard she did a three bounce grid AND jumped a picket fence jump last week.  Good pony.

Oh, I just got a notice that I'm over my quota for photo storage.  Hmm...what to do.  Delete old photos?  Pay some money so I can upload more photos?  Of course, this had to happen now when my brain is so overworked that I can hardly remember what day it is....


  1. Same here on the photo overload. I'm just uploading them to photobucket and putting in the url--doesn't take up any blog space.

  2. So - you need to fix the photo issues first...must have photos of the jump lesson & clinic :) Hope life slows down a bit for you!

  3. December is a total manic month....always! I hear you on word verification, but I do it simply because I make people do it on mine because I was getting about 20 spam comments a day. Can we get a better solution??