Monday, December 31, 2012


I'm so behind in posting it's ridiculous.  I'm not sure when I'm going to catch up!  Today, I just wanted to share a brief tidbit.

I have dropped the martingale and spurs.  The no spurs seems to be going okay.  The no martingale has been a learning process and makes me miss the more level headed/lower headed breeds.

It is TERRIFYING to be on a horse and have them spook and fling their head upside down (not just up, but UPSIDE DOWN) so that your reins and bit are ineffective.  Luckily, she only galloped halfway across the arena and only bucked once but whoooo, hello heart rate!

It's a good reminder that you cannot ride off the face, especially with a horse who can lift their head and nose upside down.  It made me feel incredibly insecure.  We've had a few moments like that since last week when I stopped using the martingale.  I'm proud of myself for riding through them, recovering without yanking on her face and moving on.  And for not putting the martingale back on.

So, here's to moving forward in 2013.  Here's to letting go of what doesn't work and continuing to find out what does.

Oh - I also had a funny moment with Tessa and her biting.  She's been super crabby about saddling, brushing and girthing.  Being the pansy owner that I am, the first thing I did was worry that she was hurt.  Checked saddle fit, girth tightness, another round of ulcer medication, extra hay.  Then, yesterday, she really tried to bite me while I was brushing her front leg.  So, I unclipped her from the cross ties and tried again.  When she pinned her ears and nipped at me, I cut loose on her.  For about two seconds.  She flew back five steps and stared at me.  What the hell, Mom?  I put her back in place and continued brushing.  And then saddling.  And girthing.  And damn if that little mare didn't just stand still all relaxed and mellow.

Yep, she needs me to be in charge and if I won't do it then she's gonna try for that position.

So - 2013 is all about being the leader in our relationship.  If I have more free time I will try to do a year in review.  It was an AMAZING year for me and my horse and I've learned so much that even a Year in Review post couldn't do it justice, but I will try....


  1. Happy New Year Mona! Looking forward to what 2013 has in store for you and Tessa.

    You have made incredible strides in your riding and confidence this past year - I hope you get a chance to do the year in review!

  2. When I brought Gabe home he had a TERRIBLE habit of flinging his head everywhere, including into my face a few times. I put a running martingale on him and rode with one for about six months, which is how long it took him to figure out that head flinging was NOT okay. I had some trepidation the first time I rode without it, and we did have a couple of head flinging moments, but few and far between. He usually flings when he gets excited and wants to GO!

    You guys will figure it out, and you'll be happy you took it off!

    Happy New Year, and may 2013 be as successful and amazing for you and Tessa as 2012 was!

  3. Yes, be the leader that she can turn to! That is what a mare needs. Good luck and Happy New Year!

  4. Right there with ya! I would say I end up spending about 80% of my rides on the Neurotic Arab just working on relaxing and accepting the contact. There are plenty of days we don't even make it out of the walk. Kudos to you for doing complicated stuff like dressage and jumping. It's a real challenge with arabs but a rewarding one, I think. Gorgeous pony!