Monday, August 6, 2012

Five Steps of Bravery

Sunday was hot.  Probably not hot by rest of the country standards, but in the PNW it was a record breaking day of heat in the 90's.  I saddled up anyways but we ended up only riding for about ten minutes.  It was just too hot and neither one of us were motivated.

There was nobody around, so I took Tessa's saddle off in the arena.  I was about to take her bridle off when I had an idea.  I should check something off of my 'perfect horse' list that I've wanted to do.  Have a horse that I can ride bareback.  So I led her to the mounting block, removed my spurs (just in case) and slid on to her back.  It was slippery.  And her mane was short, having been recently pulled.  I asked her to walk.  She took a step.  My heart was pounding a million miles an hour.  She took another step.  On the fifth step, I heard the sound of the Blue Angels (jet fighter planes that were in town for a show that weekend) approaching.  So, I slid off.  My short bareback ride over.

But you know what?  It was five steps more bareback than I had ridden her before.  And now I can say I've ridden my pony bareback.  Of course there are no pictures.  How many pictures of Tessa in the crossties can I possibly take?  Even my camera is sick of Tessa in the crossties pictures.  So, sorry about that, but no pictures this time.  I promise I'll get better about that.


  1. I can't ride mine bareback! I can ride any other horse bareback, but she is so slippy and weird that I kind of end up rolling off like a grape at anything faster than a walk. I've been meaning to build up the confidence to ask for a jog, but haven't had time to practice. She is 16.1 and I am a chicken!

    Good for you on your five steps! It will so get easier! If it helps, dropping my irons at a trot and canter greatly helped my chicken tendencies and made the "removing the saddle" part a lot less scary. Also, I am now a pro at emergency bareback dismounts. ;)

  2. Hey, baby steps, baby steps! And it was probably a good idea to dismount when noisy monsters were flying in the sky anyway.

    I find that riding bareback can be such a good stress reliever because you're forced to follow the motion and work out any tension in your lower back. I second the idea to drop your stirrups for a couple minutes every ride to become more confident bareback.

  3. Keep it up and you'll see how addictive bareback riding is, especially in the winter. Thinline makes an excellent bareback pad that is comfortable and secure.


  4. Bravo!!! I use a fleece bareback pad, adds a little security. I have been there before with our Arab cross and know how big a step you took.

  5. That's awesome! Bareback can be so much fun, and just like Carla said, such a stress reliever. Get a good sweat going then pull your saddle and climb'll stick like glue! ;)