Friday, June 1, 2012

Somebody's Got a Boyfriend

Tessa has a new turnout buddy.  This is Prime (Primary Colors).  I'm going to get better pictures of the two lovebirds, but I left my camera at home so all I had was my phone.  Prime is 26 years old (or is it 27?) and belongs to a young girl at the barn.  He used to hang out with another old man, Tex but Tex moved to another barn.  Prime was lonely.  Tessa was lonely.  So the two of them were turned out together.  And now they spend all day mutually grooming each other.  So cute.  I will be watching them closely for signs of too much love though.  So far, it's been a week and they're doing just fine with no problem separating them.

Here are a few pictures of Prime from a dressage show last summer and whoever thinks that 15 is old and ready to be retired needs to think again.  Prime cleaned up!