Sunday, June 24, 2012

Learning to Fly

Or jump.  I got to the barn today with a friend of mine and there were jumps in the arena.  So, with the assistance of a trainer (not my own but someone willing to coach my friend, who is more experienced than I am or at the very least, more brave!) Tessa had her first jumping experience.

Step One:  Take a leisurely walk around the arena to look at the scary jumps.  The standards are especially scary.
 Step Two:  Let's walk over this tiny crossrail together.
 See how I did that, Pony?  Now it's your turn.

 Oooh, this is fun!  Nice and easy jump, lots of pats.  What a good girl!

Step Three:  Now let's trot over them.  My what a big jump you have pony!

Step Four:  Now with a rider.  In a dressage saddle.  With dressage length stirrups.  We didn't think she'd actually get off the ground for a tiny crossrail.  Plus, my saddle is so comfy that the rider swore it was like jumping in a Barca Lounger.

 Step Five:  Lovely Form, if a wee bit overjumped for the size.

Tessa cantered off happily after every jump and even tried to drag her rider over a second crossrail set up in the arena.  They actually had to slam to a halt to avoid it.  Me thinks my pony might like the jumping.

Interesting note:  My pony was bred to be a Sport Horse Arabian for eventing.  She didn't get tall enough and when I bought her they said she wasn't a good fit for jumping.  But it looks to me like maybe it's in her blood anyway.  These were her FIRST jumps.  We kept things simple and jumped it three times and called it good, with lots of petting and praise.  Even though it wasn't me jumping her (I didn't want to catch her in the mouth if she overjumped since I haven't jumped in a bajillion years) I am so proud of my pony.


  1. Wow! Look how engaged and interested she is! Not even looky - except to say "Where is the next one?"

    I would be longing her over a cross rail now!

  2. She looks great! You have every reason to be proud. :-)

  3. thats awesome maybe this is just the thing you need to give her a bit of variety in your riding so she doesnt get "bored" i free jump G over jumps all the time as a bit of a reward he loves it.