Friday, November 25, 2011

Show Me Your Teeth

I would like to pat myself on the back for a moment.  About two weeks ago, the pony seemed to be having an increasingly hard time with wanting to rub the bridle off and being fussy and all that.  I mentioned to L that I thought she might need her teeth done.  She just turned 5 in May and had a cursory filing right when I bought her, but that was 6 months ago.  L didn't think that was a problem and said she was probably fine.

The vet came out today to give Tess her winter shots and the first thing L said to me when I got there was "She needs her teeth done badly."  Ha!  I was right!!  So, score one for intuition.  I'm excited to see how she changes after she gets her teeth done.  They will be letting me know when they are going to set up a group dentist appointment but I hope it's soon.

I haven't been to the barn yet today, but here's a picture of Tess in her new PINK blanket.  Because having the only tiny, grey Arabian mare in a barn full of giant, bay thoroughbreds wasn't enough.  I had to dress her in pink.


  1. Good for you for listening to your horse. The teeth problem could also explain a lot of the difficulties under saddle - she's have trouble taking contact and the behavior with her head could very well be due to that.

  2. SmartPink, nice choice!

    It's not a bad thing for your pony to be a classy lady! Pink = classy (:

  3. Kate-I'm really hoping that some of the evasiveness and head rubbing will disappear after she gets her teeth done.
    Chloe- A non-horse friend of mine said her new pink blanket is very Jackie Kennedy. Classy indeed!